“Loveline” - 2023

'Love is not around the corner, it is the corner

If only this can speak to someone
That it is a set of scattered but
connecting dots
in the infrastructure of our lifelong paths 
and not some happening
that happened to fall into it.

It is like
this train I take everyday.
I question it
Has this back and forth
not taken me from 
that day to the next? 
It had always been
a single immeasurable line
Today, and the love I feel beneath
have no such happening.

I want to not only declare this 
to you but 
the people I have only had
the chance to glance past
So as days would pass
this transient world around me 
that tries so hard to stay stood
would agree to one undying promise 
as they hum to this song instead
The song that sings for
the courage not to stand but fall 
fall deeply for love