Home To Word - 2022

My words 
come from Japan 
but it's really 
not Japan!
As I see it, 
I think I inhale 
multiple breaths at once 
for me to coexist in a country
where I can hear the whispers 
of a woman who speaks a language
I don’t even know!

In the end,
Translations are just a bouncing off of sounds 
modulating nuance 
with Q's to A's 
and Exclamations to the abundant Pause.
The English Word is a beautiful tool
I hold least dearly 
because it is a disservice 
this Language of mine.

A concept is always
Universal as thought is Indifferent.
The matter of roots
are only here 
to light this little 
spark in you 
to design 
a patriot 
a Desire for something more.